Model of Reflection: A predictable choice

For my critical review of 3 learning tools I will be using Brookfield’s’ 4 critical lenses model of reflection (as an optician it would be criminal of me to use any other model of reflection). The reason why I have chosen this model (other than a love for lenses), is that I am currently in a position of being both teacher and student, and have been amazed how this has changed my perspective on how I view many aspects of my work. Brookfield concluded that our experiences as learners shape our motivations as teachers (1995, P.32). The model includes a student lens, so arguably the most important part of the process – the receiver of the information – is given a voice. Brookfield considers this equally as important.

‘whether or not good teaching is happening is the extent to which teachers deliberately and systematically try to get inside students’ heads and see classrooms and learning from their point of view’ (Brookfield, 2005, p.35)

It also allows the ability to apply theoretical knowledge, as well as the opportunity to gauge the opinion of our peers. This can help us to gain a wider picture of our perceived successes or failings, rather than simply a personal account.


Brookfield, S. (1995) Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher.  San Francisco: Jossey Bass


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  1. Hi Dean, I am very impressed with how you have used Brookfield’s 4 Lenses of Reflection to shape your blogs posts throughout. Richard Nelson introduced me to this framework last year and I have found it very useful too. As an NLP practitioner it is helpful to look at our experiences through different filters / lenses.

    Matthew wrote his reflective blog from a similar perspective which you can view at

    If we all became “students” every few years to shake off our educators shoes and dabble our toes in the learner waters we would perhaps all appreciate looking at things from a different angle.

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